About The Firm

Interior Design Firm in Aurora and Denver Colorado

Poonam’s By Design, a interior design firm in Aurora, Colorado, was founded in 2004. We serve Aurora, Denver, and the greater Colorado areas.

We bring unique and creative ideas to each interior design project. Along with our client’s passion and style, every project comes to life. Our goal is to stir up creativity and enthusiasm in each of our clients and expose them to design.

We value the importance of listening to our clients and guiding them in the direction they want to go. In return, each interior design project becomes the client’s inhabitance; where they may live, laugh, entertain, work or play! We want you, the client, to be pleased with your environment and to be comfortable in your surroundings.

Most of all, we manage every aspect of the interior design process to ensure the finished project meets our standards and surpasses your expectations.

What sets us apart from others: our art form. Here we believe that beautiful designs can come to life on any budget and for every taste. We blend the old with new, the rustic with contemporary….whatever the heart desires. Design is art and the artist is you, the client. We are just the tool to get you there.

Our final goal

To enjoy what we do because we simply love it!

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