What To Expect

Step One: Consultation. In this initial meeting we collaborate with you to understand your vision, desires and needs. We establish the Scope of Work for the entire interior design project.

Step Two: Budget Meeting. We discuss and agree upon a project budget and timeline for project completion. Together, we create a realistic budget for your needs and set up fair expectations. This process includes details of all areas and pricing breakdowns.  We want to ensure that you are comfortable with the budget. Everyone has a budget and meeting it and sticking to it is important to you and to us. We will also develop an appropriate timeline for the completion of the project.

Step Three: Contract Signing. We will develop a contract based on the project details, budgets, and timelines. Upon approval, we will sign and execute the design or build out contract. You will also receive approximate start and end dates for the project. These dates will take into account permits, contractor schedules, furnishings, and purchasing supplies and materials.

Step Four: Design Meetings and Selections. We will review the drawings and designs together. After discussion, decisions regarding all materials and other design selections will be finalized. Then we will begin procurement of all the necessary supplies and materials.

Step Five: Project Build Out and Execution. Any build out or installation required will occur during this step. While the project is being implemented, collaboration and coordination will occur regularly. We will manage the project closely so that each piece is being completed accurately and in a timely manner.

Step Six: Celebrating your new space! Time to sit back and enjoy what we, the client and interior designer, have created together!

Next Steps

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